Government House and Gardens

Government House, in its various forms, has been the principal Vice Regal residence in Western Australia since 1829. The location for the first Governor’s residence was originally a tent camp set up on Garden Island, before a temporary wooden building was established in what is now Stirling Gardens. The first permanent Government House was built in the current Gardens on a site closer to the existing Lodge, but was replaced by the current building in 1863, which has been the residence of every Governor of Western Australia since.

The style of the building is described as ‘Fonthill Gothic’. The bricks came from clay pits that were located near where Queen’s Gardens in East Perth are today. A Foundation Stone for the current Government House was laid on March 17, 1859, and you can still see it today on the exterior wall of the Governor’s Office on the Forecourt façade.

Government House, Ballroom and Gardens were listed on the WA Register of Heritage Places and classified by the National Trust in the early 1990’s.

Government House serves as both the residence of the Governor and as a working entity known as the Governor’s Establishment with a small workforce which supports the Governor and his role.

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