Native Frangipani

Native Frangipani by name,  its origins are the rainforest areas of Queensland and New South Wales, as well as Papua New Guinea.

It’s scientific name is Hymenosporum flavum and whilst it is not related to the more commonly planted exotic frangipani it does get its name from the yellow frangipani-like flowers that offer a strong, sweet scent and are very attractive to birds, bees and butterflies. 

Even better, the Native Frangipani is an evergreen so it keeps its dark-green glossy leaves all year round.

The fibrous bark of the tree is said to have been used by Aboriginal people as rope for weaving and tools. 

The Native Frangipani in the Government House Gardens was planted on August 29, 1969 by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent. 

Native Frangipani - Planted 1969
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