Governor with guests

The Honourable Kim Beazley AC

The Honourable Kim Beazley AC was installed as Governor on the 1st May 2018 as the 33rd Governor of Western Australia. Mr Beazley was born in Subiaco, educated at Hollywood Senior High School and completed two degrees at The University of Western Australia. He served for nearly three decades in the Australian Federal Parliament and for a period of six years as Ambassador to the United States of America.

Ms Susie Annus

Ms Susie Annus is the wife of the Governor, the Honourable Kim Beazley AC. Ms Annus was born in Western Australia to immigrant parents from Hungary. She was educated at Victoria Square, now known as Mercedes College. She and the Governor have a daughter, Rachel.

Governor’s role

The Governor of Western Australia is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Premier. The Governor’s role is broad and includes responsibilities related to:

  • The constitution
  • Ceremonial and celebratory Representation as Head of State in W.A
  • The community
  • Advocacy on behalf of the State


Protocol Guidelines

Daily Program

Regional Visit Program

Selected speeches

Patronage organisations

Lieutenant Governor

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