Vice Regal Patronage provides organisations with the name and prestige of the Vice Regal office. The granting of Vice Regal Patronage is determined according to certain criteria. Organisations wishing to invite the Governor to consider patronage should make an application for consideration to the Official Secretary.

To be eligible for consideration an organisation needs to be able to demonstrate:

  • A successful track record in the area they serve.
  • No political connection or affiliation.
  • That they are not commercial in nature.
  • An application should include a formal cover letter including a current list of office bearers (indicating the principal point of contact) and a short background history of the organisation from its inception to present day.

In addition, a Patronage Request form must be submitted.
You will be informed in writing once a decision has been made.

Patronage organisations

Correspondence details

Official Secretary
Government House
St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Email: [email protected]

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